The 7 Best Essential Oils That Will Balance the Hormones (How to Use These Oils)

Hormonal imbalance is common in both men and women and the most common signs of this health problem are so many but some of them are as follows:

  1. tiredness,
  2. fertility problems,
  3. weight gain,
  4. insomnia,
  5. mood swings,
  6. depression, etc.
If left untreated, this problem could lead to serious diseases like cancer and diabetes.


7 Essential Oils That Balance Hormones & How To Use Them

How to Treat Hormonal Imbalance Naturally

Lavender oil- this essential oil balances the hormones and it can lower pain caused by abdominal cramps during menstruation. It will also soothe stress and feeling of discomfort which is very common during PMS.

Thyme oil – this oil has a positive effect onto the progesterone production. When the levels of this hormone are low, the risk of depression and infertility are much higher.

Clary sage oil – in a study done in 2014, this oil lowered the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, by 36% and increased the thyroid hormone levels.

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